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Boards and Committees

EGEE-III features many horizontal groups that cover various aspects of the project's operation.


The AFC is composed of designated administrative representatives in each federation, the head of administration from the project management and the project financial officer. It is responsible for coordinating the financial reporting and general administrative and contractual issues of the project.

  • Administrative Federation Committee (AFC)
    Chair: Claire Devereux (STFC)
    Secretary: Anna Cook (CERN)


The AMB oversees the activity level management of the project. It is composed of all the activity managers, complemented by the Quality Assurance coordinator, as well as the head of the Collaborating Projects Liaison Office.

  • Activity Management Board (AMB)
    Chair: Bob Jones (CERN)
    Deputy: Steven Newhouse (CERN)
    Secretary: Kristina Gunne (CERN)/ Anne-Lise Goisset (CERN)


The CB is composed of senior representatives of each project beneficiary institute and meets annually at the project conferences.

  • Collaboration Board (CB)
    Chair: rotating


This committee is composed of external Grid experts appointed by the Project Director, who will attend rehearsals of project reviews and conferences to advise the project management on the progress of the programme of work.

  • External Advisory Committee (EAC)


The PMB has one senior member nominated by each federation of beneficiaries. The PMB oversees the project, ensures that the European Commission Grant agreement is properly executed and that the terms of the consortium Agreement are implemented.

  • Project Management Board (PMB)
    Chair: Rosette van den Broucke (VUB)
    Secretary: Anna Cook (CERN)


The TMB, former TCG (Technical Coordination Group), brings together the technical activities within the project in order to ensure the oversight and coordination of the technical direction of the project, and to ensure that the technical work progresses according to plan.

  • Technical Management Board (TMB)