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Members of EGEE-III are involved in developing and applying standards in many areas of Grid computing. NA5 is responsible for tracking EGEE-III's standardisation work and we present below our current inventory. For a fuller description of any item in the inventory, just give it a click.

Standards and standardisation working groups

  • Certification Authority Operations Working Group - CAOPS-WG
  • Distributed Resource Management Application API Working Group - DRMAA-WG
  • Education and Training Community Group - ET-CG
  • Grid Interoperation Now Community Group - GIN-CG
  • Grid Laboratory Uniform Environment Working Group - GLUE-WG
  • Grid Resource Allocation Agreement Protocol Working Group - GRAAP-WG
  • Grid Scheduling Architecture Research Group - GSA-RG
  • Grid Storage Management Working Group - GSM-WG
  • High Performance Computing Profile Working Group - OGSA-HPCP-WG
  • Information Dissemination Working Group - INFOD-WG
  • International Grid Trust Federation - IGTF
  • International Provenance and Annotation - IPAW
  • Infrastructure Policy Group - IPG
  • Job Submission Description Language Working Group - JSDL-WG
  • Life Sciences Grid Research Group - LSG-RG
  • Network Measurements Working Group - NM-WG
  • Network Service Interface WG (NSI-WG)
  • OGSA Authorization Working Group - OGSA-AUTHZ-WG
  • OGSA Basic Execution Service Working Group - OGSA-BES-WG
  • OGSA Data Movement Interface Working Group - OGSA-DMI-WG
  • Production Grid Infrastructure Working Group - PGI-WG
  • Resource Usage Service Working Group - RUS-WG
  • Simple API for Grid Applications Core Working Group - SAGA-CORE-WG
  • Usage Record Working Group - UR-WG


Organisational roles 

OGF Board of Directors: Steven Newhouse (Chairman)

OGF Advisory Committee : Lennart Johnsson

OGF Applications Area Director : Dieter Kranzlmuller, Steven Newhouse

OGF Data Area Director : Erwin Laure

OGF Security Area Director: Jens Jensen

If you are a member of EGEE-III and involved in standardisation work which is not listed on this page, we would be very grateful if you could get in touch at project-eu-egee-iii-na5(at)