Collaborating Projects

Joint Research Unit

What is a JRU?

JRU means a partnership between legal entities and without legal entity of its own, with the following characteristics:

  • scientific and economic unity
  • "permanent" character (i.e. not one-off or project specific)
  • recognised by a public authority

The partnership is based on an agreement (e.g. French contract quadrennial/multi year arrangement for CNRS/ or ad hoc agreement) and has no legal status.
JRU are usually formed between entities of the same nationality but can exist between entities with different nationality (e.g. French/Chilean UMR between CNRS and a Chilean university).
JRU are usually formed between public bodies, but may also be established between public bodies and private companies.

A special clause (n 23) to the contract has been adopted by the Commission. Option A of that clause is foreseen for JRUs.

According to the terms of the special clause:

  • Only one of the members of the JRU shall be a contractor;
  • The members of the JRU whose costs will be eligible and will contribute to the project are identified in the clause;
  • The eligible costs incurred by these members are not considered as receipts of the contractor. (NB: the costs of the member may include receipts that have to be taken into consideration);
  • Each member of the JRU applies its own cost reporting model, unlike the case of any other third party whose costs are reported in accordance with the cost model of the contractor to whom they have contributed the resources.

Concerning the possibilities for members of JRU willing to participate in an indirect action, there are two solutions: each member is contractor or special clause 23 is included in the contract.