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Activity Management Board

  • NA1: Management
    Bob Jones, CERN
    Steven Newhouse, CERN   
  • NA2: Dissemination
    Catherine Gater, CERN
  • NA3: Training
    Robin McConnell, UEDIN   
  • NA4: Applications
    Cal Loomis, CNRS 
  • NA5: International Coop. & Policy
    Christos Kanellopoulos, GRNET  
  • JRA1: Middleware engineering
    Francesco Giacomini, INFN
  • SA1: Operations
    Maite Baroso Lopez, CERN
  • SA2: Networking Support
    Xavier Jeannin, CNRS
  • SA3: Integration, testing & certification
    Oliver Keeble, CERN
  • Security
    John White (CERN)
  • Quality Assurance
    Gabriel Zaquine (BT-IC)