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Dissemination, Communication & Outreach

The objective of the NA2 activity is to spread the word about the project's achievements, reach out to current and new adopters of the infrastructure and prepare for a sustainable infrastructure to follow after EGEE-III through a clear dissemination plan by:

  • Designing and keeping the project's website up to date (it will also host the activity webpages);
  • Increasing Grid awareness and knowledge through a wide range of specialist and non-specialist media and presence at both user and IT events;
  • Contributing to the edition of up-to-date information to users in conjunction with other activities;
  • Producing and distributing written material about the project;
  • Producing the project internal newsletter and providing contributions to the online iSGTW newsletter;
  • Ensuring journalistic and media coverage of EGEE and its activities;
  • Identifying key events the project should attend and coordinate consequent presence (stands, talks, material, presentations, etc.);
  • Liaising closely with the project management, training and business activity to coordinate dissemination tasks.