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Business Task Force

The Business Task Force is EGEE's industry-led technical group comprising of EGEE-III Business partners (BT, Elsag Datamat and Trust-IT Services), representatives from business applications and participants from Grid projects with an industrial focus such as BEinGRID. It coordinates relations with IT companies and end-users willing to use EGEE technology, provides assessment of gLite as an industrial application and work directly with those applications running on the EGEE Infrastructure, while providing support to ensure that applications run smoothly. The Business Task Force already supports several successful business applications, from a seismic processing solution to applications from SMEs in biotechnology and the plastic industry, providing access to a large pool of resources attached to the EGEE Grid infrastructure.

The Business Task Force liaising with the Business Forum and Technical Coordination Group regarding the technical direction of EGEE-III and business needs. The main objectives of the Business Task Force are:

  • Support the selected industrial applications by establishing a direct support channel with EGEE Grid Operations and Grid Middleware activities, including security
  • Interact with EGEE's Technical Coordination Group (TCG) to place industry requirements on equal footing with scientific applications
  • Interact with EGEE's Business Forum and CERN openlab to improve the uptake of EGEE technologies in business
  • Collaborate with BEinGRID to ensure that their goal to have successful showcases of business applications on gLite is reached;

If you would like to use the EGEE Grid infrastructure for your business application, please contact Gabriel Zaquine