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Life Sciences

The life sciences are a major application area for the EGEE project and have been used to guide the implementation of the infrastructure from the start.  With more than 30 applications deployed and being ported, the domain had more than 200,000 jobs executed per month in 2007.

  • Due to the generalization of digital medical images availability, there is a growing demand for archiving, federating and analyzing medical image databases which are geographically distributed over many acquisition sites. The medical imaging sector covers all aspects related to computerized medical images analysis including medical images management, medical images post-processsing, medical images simulation and image-based therapy planning. Grid technologies help addressing data distribution and compute intensive problems such as medical data stores federation, secure data access, large databases concurrent analysis, complex analysis procedures set up and imaging physics simulation.
  • The bioinformatics domain studies genes, proteins, and all components of living organisms. These include enabling system biology on grid,oncology study at the molecular level, genome wide association studies of human complex diseases, binding of protein and DNA in the cell nucleus, complete genome comparison, as well as portals or web services that enable grid access for users in areas such as protein sequence or genome level analysis.
  • The drug discovery domain uses the EGEE grid infrastructure to accelerate the search for candidate drug molecules against neglected diseases.  The WISDOM initiative has been successfully deployed against diseases such as malaria and avian flu, testing many thousands of potential drugs in short periods of time.

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