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Earth Science

ES applications in EGEE are scattered in various virtual organizations. The main ones are ESR for Earth Science Research, SEEGrid (South Eastern Europe GRID), Cyclops (CYber infrastructure for CiviL protection Operative ProcedureS) and EGEODE (Expanding GEOsciences On DEmand).
The applications  cover various disciplines.  The most numerous applications are in seismology with the re-analysis of the whole GEOSCOPE data set, the determination of the earthquake characteristics a few hours after the data arrival and numerical simulations of wave propagation in complex 3D geological models.  Several applications are based on atmospheric modelling like the long-range air pollution transport over Europe, the regional el Nino climate, meteorological forecasting, and the ozone in polar regions.  In hydrology, applications include flood forecasting and the calculation of sea water intrusion into coastal aquifers, both related to risk management.  Other applications are related to geomorphology, pesticid risk assesment and management, fire forecasting, or planetology.

Geoscluster, an industrial seismic processing solution, is the first industrial application successfully running on the EGEE grid production infrastructure. Operated by the French company CGGVeritas through the EGEODE Virtual organisation, Geocluster enables academic researchers to process seismic data and to explore the composition of the Earth's layers.