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Regional Support

In addition to the centralized support teams, EGEE also provides support contacts in 10 regions. (The regions and partners are defined below; see regional support section of NA4 wiki for names).  These people can help guide you to the most appropriate support resources in EGEE or help you find support resources within your region.  They can also inform you about grid activities occurring in your region and put you in contact with other end-users with similar applications or interest.

  • Asia (AS Taiwan, CNU Korea) 
  • Benelux (SARA)
  • Central Europe (CESNET, JSI)
  • CERN/Germany/Switzerland (DKRZ)
  • France/UK/Ireland (Glasgow, STFC)
  • Italy (INFN)
  • Nothern Europe (VR-SNIC, SIGMA)
  • Russia (SINP MSU)
  • South East Europe (GRNET)
  • South West Europe (UCM)