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EGEE Collaborating Projects Publications

1) September 2009: Success and Sustainability: EGEE Collaborating Projects' Achievements in 2009 and Future Plans 

27 projects have contributed to this publication, distributed at the EGEE'09   conference in Barcelona. It highlights significant results achieved during the past year in using, enhancing or exploiting EGEE technologies, and their potential impact and use. Following the conference theme of 'Uniting our strengths to realise the sustainable European grid', the publication also covers how the projects and the communities they are supporting plan their transition to the future European grid.

2) September 2008: Achieving Global Science: Grid-powered solutions from EGEE and Collaborating projects 

28 projects contributed to this A5 publication that was distributed at the EGEE'08 conference in Istanbul. The publication highlights the achievements of EGEE and collaborating projects towards the provision of a world class, coherent and reliable international Grid enabling scientific excellence in many domains.

3) October 2007: Achievements of projects collaborating with EGEE

An A5 publication was produced for the EGEE'07 conference in Budapest with contributions from 24 collaborating projects. This booklet highlights their achievements and the benefits of working with EGEE. This small-format publication serves as an excellent illustration of the depth and breadth of the project's collaboration with other grid projects.


EGEE Collaborating Projects Information Sheet

August 2009
August 2008


Other Publications:

1) Fall 2009: EGEE Newsletter Fall 2009 Issue (Post EGEE-09 Conference)

2) April 2007: Expanding the reach of EGEE: EGEE-II and collaborating regional infrastructure projects poster



A complete set of EGEE dissemination material is available in the EGEE Press Room