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EGEE's Programme for Business

Download the EGEE and Business Brochure for a snapshot of EGEE's Programme for Business and achievements to date

EGEE is committed to sharing the benefits of Grid technology with business and facilitating and supporting new business users. Companies that embrace Grid technology see an increase in satisfaction regarding compute and IT resource needs, speeding up of time to market and enabled development of new products and services.

EGEE’s Programme for Business comprises a Business Forum, which is positioned on the front lines of outreach to new potential adopters. This Forum highlights the benefits of Grid through interaction with the business community at events and during on-site visits, supported by user case studies and evaluating adoption potential across diverse vertical markets.

The Business Task Force, EGEE’s industry-led technical group, works directly with IT companies and end-users interested in adopting EGEE technology. The Task Force provides assessments of EGEE’s gLite middleware as an industrial application and coordinates activities for applications running on the EGEE infrastructure.

The EGEE Business Associates Programme provides an opportunity for companies to engage in both technical and non-technical work of joint interest such as coordinated technical developments, market surveys, exploitation strategies and more general transfer of best practices, know-how and services.

To date, there are a total of eight Business Associates and a variety of business applications which are currently being run using the EGEE infrastructure or gLite.

As Grid infrastructures become an increasingly global and essential phenomenon, EGEE is leading the transition to the sustainable European Grid Initiative (EGI). In this context, the main business-related activities will focus on supporting commercial companies to exploit software, support and services based on the outcomes of EGEE and developments within EGI.