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The EGEE Collaborating Projects Liaison Office is a point of contact for projects which are collaborating with EGEE, and facilitates the relationships between those projects and the EGEE activities. Furthermore, EGEE is active in helping projects interact and share their experiences. This is a continuation of work begun at EU-sponsored "concertation" meetings and carried on at EGEE project conferences.

EGEE also has a number of more formal relationships with other projects and initiatives. For many projects, the first step in collaborating is receiving a Letter of Support from EGEE to accompany their proposal. Other projects have drawn up a Memorandum of Understanding, stating explicitly what they will need from EGEE and what they will offer in return. Collaborative activities range from technical work on interoperability to community activities such as organising joint training events and dissemination material. Depending on the issue at hand, different forms of co-operation might be appropriate and EGEE is open to suggestions and initiatives from any project that wants to help move Grid computing forward.

If you would like to know more about collaborating with EGEE, please get in touch with the Collaborating Projects Liaison Office at project-eu-egee-cplo(at)