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The aims of training in EGEE are to provide a source for acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to allow the utilisation of the EGEE infrastructure at all levels, by:

  • Educating developers of applications in order to help enrich the provision of functionalities on the EGEE infrastructure;
  • Educating users and developers in the potential of Grid architectures to allow the solution of appropriate problems;
  • Educating site administrators to allow them to install EGEE middleware and connect to the e-Infrastructure;
  • Collaborating with all the networking activities to enhance and encourage the corporate spirit of EGEE and to promote information sharing within the organisation to help further its goals.


EGEE Accredited Trainers

The Training group is also looking to the future by developing a database of skilled trainers able to assist with training in their respective countries.

The aim of such an accreditation program is also to recognise the valuable contribution made by the present group of trainers within the NA3 activity, and to provide an incentive for those trainers new to the training activity. Trainers are nominated for accreditation by a lightweight peer approval process - full details of which can can be found here.


The current status of the accredited trainers is shown geographically here: