About Intel

Intel was established in Santa Clara, California at 1968 by a chemist and physicist; Gordon E. Moore and Robert Noyce and produced the first processor for the personal computers in 1971.

Intel as a world leader of silicon-based technologies, develops new technologies and products to enhance life quality of people in their workplace and social environment, produces new initiatives. It aims to facilitate the life of 21st century human-beings. It provides the living space to be used more effectively with developed innovative technologies.


The Best Corporate Citizen

The corporate citizenship approach of Intel contains providing the sustainability of operations and products as well as investing $100 million per year to improve education. Intel is described as the best corporate citizen among most of the countries it exists.

Intel supports education by providing the preparation and the application of educational content suitable to the countries that it has operations in, invested more than $1 billion to education in more than 50 countries since its foundation, by enhancing the computer and Internet usage with its vision of creating the adding value to the society.


Protection of the Environment

Intel defines success not only with work performance, but also by looking at how we transform the world.

Intel, which lessens the usage of water and takes pain over the re-usage of water, aims to give careful attention to the environment with its lead-free, non-halogen, environment- friendly, energy- efficient products.


Intel Turkey

Intel has started its operations in Turkey in 1997. The company operates projects providing development in Turkey and also the regions of Middle East and Africa that covers 67 countries.

Intel, believing the transformation potential of Turkey to an information society, makes contributions to the collaboration with public and private sector, to support Intel ecosystem and the development of national economy.

Intel carries the worldwide ‘Intel Education Initiative’ program by enhancing in Turkey. Such projects with the Ministry of Education are the special programs to help to develop thinking and learning skills by using technology in classrooms effectively. Since the start of the initiative in 2003, 100.000 teachers and 20.000 students benefited the education programs in Turkey.

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