EGEE and Business

Other Business Related Events

Below is a list of both past and upcoming Grid related events. Past events contain useful information in terms of available presentations for download and/or post-event reports. Upcoming events offer an excellent opportunity to either become more involved in business related activities through increased participation or for advancing specific knowledge in key areas.

Past Business Events

  • Cloud Expo Europe 2009
      (London, UK, 20-21 May 2009)
  • EGEE Business Day / Linux Days - Grid Solutions
    (Geneva, Swizterland, 3-5 June 2009)
  • DigiBiz 2009 - The International Conference on Digital Businesses
    (London, UK, 17-19 June 2009)
  • gLite in a Commercial Setting Workshop - EGEE 4th User Forum / OGF25                                                                                             (Catania, Italy, 5 March 2009)
  • Cloudscape - OGF-Europe's Industry Expert Group                             (Brussels, Belgium, 14-15 January 2009)
  • IGT2008 - World Summit of Cloud Computing                                      (Ramat-Gan, Israel, 1-2 December 2008)
  • BEinGRID Industry Day / OGF23                                                   (Barcelona, Spain, 2-6 June 2008) 
  • EGEE London Business Day - Computing Workshop on Why you need Grid & How to do it!                                                                                 (London, UK, 21 May 2008)