Collaborating Projects

Letters of support

Procedure for submitting a request for a Letter of Support (LoS) to EGEE-III

1.         Timing

Please send your request as early as possible. Timely submission and inclusion of all the requested materials facilitates the review and approval of the LoS.

2.         Request

Send a short document with the following information:

  • Project name
  • Project contact details (name, email, institution)
  • Project abstract (max 1 page)
  • Project Partners
  • Partners common to EGEE-III beneficiaries 
  • Partners common to EGEE-III collaborating projects
  • Relevance to EGEE-III project
  • Foreseen use of EGEE-III results, products or infrastructure
  • Outline how you see the relationship between your proposal and the future EGI structure for grid infrastructures in Europe (EGI blueprint).

Please also provide

  • Deadline for LoS (latest you can receive the LoS to include in your proposal submission)
  • File format requested (pdf, jpeg etc.)
  • To whom the LoS should be addressed
  • The EC Call to which you are participating

3.         Additional Material, if applicable

If you are proposing an application to run on the EGEE infrastructures, a copy of your filled out NA4 questionnaire. For more information, please refer to the Applications Support Team.

4.         Sending the request

Please send an email with subject "Request Letter of Support for [your_project]" with the requested documents attached, to project-eu-egee-po(at)

Note that LoSs are subject to approval by the EGEE AMB and PMB.