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User Training and Induction

The NA3 activity is in charge of delivering a comprehensive training programme for EGEE users and resource providers alike. A special focus is laid on making training sustainable by transferring the knowledge in the "train the trainers" programme and via a comprehensive online learning programme.  

The overall objective of training in EGEE-III is to stimulate and support the development of training provision mechanisms associated with the emerging national and region Grid organisations which will form the future structures to support local training provision.
This will require a number of sub-tasks to implement and these are listed below:  

  • To further expand and refine the portfolio of training material and courses, to provide training resources for an ever-widening range of Grid applications.
  • To train a wide variety of users, both those within the EGEE consortium and those from outside the project who make use of the EGEE Grid infrastructure.
  • To further develop effective mechanisms for passing on knowledge to end-users of EGEE collaborating projects.
  • To expand the online learning services within EGEE-III, to meet the needs of an expanded project and larger user-base.
  • To support and complement the provision of t-infrastructure on the GILDA testbed by developing and maintaining an expanded range of training resources to cover an increasingly diverse range of application scenarios.