Technical Information

Integration, testing

EGEE's gLite middleware distribution represents an integrated release of components from a number of sources, including the EGEE project itself.
By releasing these components as an integrated set, we identify interoperable and certified versions and provide a 'one stop shop' for packages, updates and documentation. This is managed within the project by SA3.

This approach allows us to assemble higher level composite services, as they are commonly installed to grid enable resources. The integration activity ensures that these sub-components can install and interoperate together cleanly with minimum further effort.

Inclusion in the gLite stack represents a commitment on the part of the project to keep components updated with security and functional improvements. Such components benefit from operational support within the project.

In collaboration with the ETICS project, the integration activity manages a build program which supports the continual flow of updates produced by the development teams and forms a crucial part of the project's drive to multiplatform support. Effort is also invested in improving middleware integration with batch systems and ensuring interoperability with other grids.

Presence in the gLite stack guarantees that a component has gone through testing and certification processes to ensure reliability and functional correctness. In addition, stress testing is performed. Alongside this is a mature issue reporting and change management process designed to ensure continual improvement in software quality.

The integration activity aims to provide a uniform interface to grid administrators, hiding the heterogeneous nature of the underlying components. To this end the activity maintains a configuration utility called yaim which is used to deal with the differing configuration paradigms used natively by the components.