Technical Information

Networking support

In EGEE-III, the objective of the Networking Support Activity (EGEE-III SA2) is to play a key role in:

  • The networking related activities in collaboration with other EGEE activities like NA4, JRA1, SA1 and SA3 (ETICS - eInfrastructure for Testing, Integration and Configuration of Software);
  • The network operation centre (ENOC) integrated with EGEE-III GGUS user support system;
  • The management of the relationships between EGEE-III and network providers GEANT2/NRENs (National research and Education networks) ) with the strengthening of links between the "Grid" people and the "networks/GEANT2/NRENs";
  • Fostering the usage of advanced network services especially with the automation (to the extent possible) of the process for network services provisioning to EGEE-III (using AMPS - Advance Multi-domain Provisioning System);
  • The introduction of new services provided by the European research networking community to EGEE-III, such as the creation of an hybrid network not only based on IP services;
  • Collaboration on network-related subjects with other projects;
  • Enabling the Grid to be ready for IPv6 : gLite tests (JRA1 ETICS), validation process (SA3);
  • Network services and operational interfaces (LCG Large hadron collider Computing Grid / LHCOPN - Large Hadron Collider Optical private network).

To achieve these goals the activity is divided into several subtasks shared among involved partners:


For further information about the activity and its subtasks you can: