Technical Information

Advanced services

End-to-end Network Service Level agreements (SLAs) are a recent development and were not previously an operational reality. SLAs with the network providers enable EGEE users to use services for their applications in a more effective and reliable way. The benefit of using an SLA for an application is that a "contract" can be provided to the application users for the offered level of Quality of Service (QoS) and procedures, described in this "contract", will be followed to enforce this level of QoS (delay, jitter, bandwidth, ...).

In EGEE-II, an SLA establishment and monitoring procedure was described in DSA2.1 and tested through a grid application scenario taken from the GRIDCC project (Grid enabled Remote Instrumentation with Distributed Control and Computation) which was targeted to perform remote control and monitoring of instrument elements distributed across the grid. The experiments, the results and the assessment of this work was described in DSA2.2.

For EGEE-III and regarding the new advanced network services the focus will be:

  • On the automation of SLA handling
  • on the categorization of Grid application requirements and
  • on the evaluation of Grid SLAs.

Currently the Advanced Network Services task is working on easily providing the ability to EGEE users to request Premium IP circuits with guaranteed quality characteristics through the AMPS tool. The request is issued by ENOC on behalf of the EGEE user. This will be done accessing a single User Interface possibly used to manage requests for multiple advanced network services tools, such as AutoBAHN.

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