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The Technical Network Liaison Committee (TNLC) was set up during the first months of EGEE in order to facilitate the cooperation between EGEE,  GEANT2 and the NRENs . In EGEE-II the TNLC also linked the project and NREN Consortium on the network technical matters. The milestone MSA2.2 describes the TNLC organisation during EGEE-II.

The TNLC is the place for the technical collaboration between EGEE and the networks. This collaboration is essential to build the expected production quality service. But it also needs actions on a wider scale to promote the formalization and normalization of the operational interface (trouble tickets format, procedure to exchange information), and the collaboration with the GEANT2 PERT (Performance Enhancement and Response Team).

Workshops between EGEE and the network community are organized periodically during the lifetime of the project to discuss these particular points and others like advanced network services and service reservation. These events have to integrate well among those proposed in the context of TERENA (Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association - Grids-NRENs workshops) and EU Concertation workshops.

The main topics of discussion for TNLC during EGEE-III will

  • Trouble tickets standardisation and exchanges
  • Advanced network services
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting tools

Two TNLCs were previously held during EGEE-II:

For EGEE-III the meetings are: